Key Words

Here are some key words for each of our subjects that you can use to support your child’s learning at home.

These are a range of topic words that we will use this term. 20140122-180100.jpg20140122-182443.jpg

These are a list of high frequency words that can not be sounded out. We teach the children to sight read these and spell them from memory. 20140122-180141.jpg
We are also working on expanding our vocabulary. Here are some great adjectives you could use at home.20140122-182210.jpg

We are currently learning about Hinduism in RE. Diwali is an important time for Hindu’s so we will be exploring this festival in detail.20140122-180504.jpg

This term we are learning about Materials. We will be conducting experiments that explore reversible and irreversible changes. 20140122-180623.jpg

Creative Learning Journey
Our topic is currently “Under the Sea”, we will be learning about different oceans and the creatures found in them. 20140122-180827.jpg20140122-180834.jpg

*These word mats were all sourced from

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