Counting Fun

To help us practise our counting in 2s, we played a game where we muddled up our shoes. The children then did a fantastic job at pairing them up again and counting as they went.


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European Languages Day 2017

We saw a fantastic array of costumes on display in the hall this morning to celebrate European Languages Day 2017. Well done to all of you for an amazing whole school effort!


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Fitness Fun

Everyone has really enjoyed having lots of fun this week, at the same time as becoming more active, through joining in with Joe Wicks’ live workshops.


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A Class full of Teddy Bears

Starfish Class transformed today by turning themselves into teddy bears! It was hard to recognise them as they recited a poem that they had learnt by heart.


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An Interesting Arrival

We received a special delivery today of some very tiny eggs. However we’re not exactly sure what they are. So after a close examination of them, the children made some guesses which included ants, caterpillars, cockroaches and even snakes! I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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A Class of Artists

After the visit from local artist Shane Record yesterday, we were inspired to do some of our own art work today. We decided to draw self portraits which involved lots of studying ourselves in the mirror. First we had to sketch the shape of our face, before adding in the detail of our eyes, mouth and nose. The children did a great job of concentrating really hard to try to capture their true likeness.


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A New Start

It has been great start to the new year already, with everyone settling in their new year groups. The children have been busy getting to know one another and working collaboratively to generate a set of class rules. They then drew around, cut out and decorated a template of their own hand as an agreement to always try their best.



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Visit from Shane Record

We were extremely lucky this morning to have a visit from Shane Record, who visited us to paint a huge picture of Folkestone Harbour. It was a great opportunity for the children to see a professional artist at work and to ask him lots of questions such as why he became an artist, who inspired him and what he enjoys painting. What a wonderful and inspirational start to the school year!


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Multiplication Machines

To help our understanding of multiplication, the children have been creating machines which help them work out the answer to multiplication questions. I wonder how they will get on when they put them to the test?


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Change Over Day

Today we got to spend the day with what will be the ‘new’ Starfish Class from September, and what an exciting day it was! From creating our own superhero starfish to weaving a web of kindness, there was not a second to spare.


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