Which Way?

As part of our ‘sunny Seabrook’ topic learning, this afternoon the children used compasses within our local area to learn about the directions north, south, east and west. After some investigation on how to use a compass, the children were then able to locate human and physical features in a given direction.


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Sport Relief

Today we took part in our first sporting activity as part of Sport Relief – a Joe Wicks workout. The different activities really worked our bodies hard and we certainly built up a sweat.


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Book Swap

Everyone seemed very happy after our book swap today. The children were so eager to read their new books that they took them out to play with them.


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Football Tournament

Despite it being a little bit chilly today, Starfish Class were completely focussed on their mini football tournament. They played a number of 5 a side games, working well as a team and thoroughly enjoying themselves at the same time. One of our teams was even named the fairest team out of all those taking part. Well done Starfish Class!


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Reading Morning

Starfish Class would like to say a great big thank you to all of the adults that attended our reading morning today. It was a great success which all of the children enjoyed. We look forward to seeing you again next week.


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Story Swap

As part of our Book Week celebrations the whole school enjoyed an exciting story swap this afternoon. The children eagerly chose which classroom to visit before listening intently to a interesting range of stories.

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Fantastic Creatures

We were delighted to receive these ‘Fantastic Creatures’ today from St Martin’s School. The children have already been inspired by them and have thought of some brilliant ideas for their stories.


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Jackson Pollock Inspired Seascape Art

This afternoon Starfish class learned about the abstract expressionist artist Jackson Pollock. We looked at examples of his work and talked about the ways in which he would have applied the paint to the canvas, such as dripping, flicking and swirling to create different textures and layers.
The children then had a go at creating their own Pollock inspired paintings, based on their sea-themed poetry writing from earlier in the day. The class had lots of fun experimenting with different techniques, including finger painting, swirling string through the paint and flicking the paintbrush bristles to create a sea spray effect!
We had a a very fun and messy afternoon, and the finished products looked beautiful!

Great work Starfish!




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Safer Internet Day 2018

On Tuesday, Starfish class had fun finding out about ways to stay safe when using the internet on their different devices. In the morning, the class were joined by Rainbowfish for an assembly, presented by the e-safety ambassadors from Swordfish class. The children were encouraged to think about their favourite games, websites and TV programmes which require the use of the internet. We talked about how we can respect each other, and the importance of telling an adult if we see unkind comments online.

In the afternoon, Starfish class explored how we leave a Digital Footprint each time we use the internet. The children had a go at making their own coloured card footprints (drawing around their feet!) linked to their own online interests, to show their experiences of technology and to help develop an awareness of the importance of e-safety.
Well done for all your hard work Starfish class!


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Counting in 1tens

The year 2s have been very busy using their counting in tens to help them with their multiplication. They were really thinking carefully and giving good explanations for their answers.

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