Art Gallery

It was lovely to see so many children showing off their amazing art work to their parents this evening. You could see how very proud they were of it. What a fantastic evening!


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A Special Treat

We know that the children in Starfish Class always work incredibly hard, but we wanted them to know that their efforts do not go unnoticed. Therefore today we celebrated all of their hard work with a delicious treat of chocolate cake. Everyone seemed to be very pleased!


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Owl Visit

This afternoon we had an exciting visit from an eagle owl named Bob and a barn owl named Rose, both from Folkestone Owl Rescue. The volunteers shared with us some really interesting facts about owls and we discovered what amazing creatures these birds are. The children learnt so much and even got to stroke them!








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Inspirational Walk

To help generate ideas for this year’s art gallery, this morning we took a gentle stroll to the beach for inspiration. What a great way to start the day!



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The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark

After reading this lovely story to the class, the children then had to try to retell it using role play. There was a lot of discussion when choosing characters and how best to act this out. But with some compromise and good listening the final performances were full of drama, expression and laughter.


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Build a den day

It was so lovely to watch the children work together this morning to build their dens. It required a lot of thought and compromise to create a structure big enough to shelter a small group. However, everyone had a fantastic time and the range of dens was amazing! What a great way to raise money for such a good cause!





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Team building fun

Starfish Class have spent the morning taking part in lots of different team building activities. These included fun and games with a parachute, eating treats in a cafeteria and making helping hands. Every activity required the children to work together as a team as well as demonstrate good listening skills. Not only was it great fun, but the children learnt some valuable lessons too. What a great way to start the week!






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Collaborative Writing

Today Starfish class had an exciting challenge of writing a story together in a group. The children were given different roles of either the story teller, the writer, or the reader and they had to stick to their own role throughout the task. The children were really excited by this and all worked well together.



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Big Breakfast

What a lovely morning we had today! The children enjoyed a delicious continental style breakfast in the sunshine, before joining in with some singing -and all in aid of Christian Aid!


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Martello Tower Creations

After discovering why the Martello Towers were built along our local coastline, the children have been constructing their own models of them. It is taking a lot of perseverance and concentration to join together the different sections to create their models, but they’re now starting to resemble the real thing!


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