Top Ten Apps

Here are “Mrs Cooper’s Top Ten Apps”, a list of our favourite tablet/phone apps we use in class.

1) Twinkl Phonics Suite:
This application is fantastic! It has a range of games for all stages of phonics and the children love it. The games encourage the children to read real and nonsense words, and learn the different sounds.

2) Mr Thorne Does Phonics:
Mr Thorne is a teacher who has made a range of apps. This app is particularly useful for parents who are struggling to pronounce sounds as he has made videos where he correctly says each sound in a mini-lesson.

3) Math Academy:
This Maths app is great for practising Mental Maths at a range of levels. You can choose which mathematical skill you practise and it will give you problems to solve against the clock. The addition and subtraction ones are particularly good for KS1.

4) Pop Math:
Another Maths app which helps with Mental Maths. Each level gives you a range of number sentences and their answers – the challenge is to match them correctly. This game is great, but does get progressively harder. However you can set the level of difficulty, which is incredibly useful.

5) Bubble-Speech Bubbles:
This is one of our class favourites and a great learning tool. It allows you to take photos and add speech bubbles in a comic book style.

6) I Can Animate:
A favourite of my animation club, this app allows you to create stop motion movies in a fun and easy way.

7) Bee-bot:
Allows children to improve their skills in directional language and programming through sequences. This game takes a while to get used to, but is a super learning tool.

8) Abc Joined Up:
A fantastic way of practising joined up writing at home. It gives your child letters to trace and practise the correct letter formation for cursive writing.

9) iMovie:
This is not an app I have used in Starfish Class yet, but nonetheless is fantastic. It allows you to edit your movies in an incredibly user friendly way. You can add music, text and effects and become your own movie director.

10) Pages:
Quite an expensive app, but still very useful. This app is great for learning word processing.

There you go! Mrs Cooper’s Top Ten Apps.

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Have you got any great apps you use with your child at home? Please add a comment if you have any that you would recommend.

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