Safer Internet Day 2018

On Tuesday, Starfish class had fun finding out about ways to stay safe when using the internet on their different devices. In the morning, the class were joined by Rainbowfish for an assembly, presented by the e-safety ambassadors from Swordfish class. The children were encouraged to think about their favourite games, websites and TV programmes which require the use of the internet. We talked about how we can respect each other, and the importance of telling an adult if we see unkind comments online.

In the afternoon, Starfish class explored how we leave a Digital Footprint each time we use the internet. The children had a go at making their own coloured card footprints (drawing around their feet!) linked to their own online interests, to show their experiences of technology and to help develop an awareness of the importance of e-safety.
Well done for all your hard work Starfish class!


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